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    • Lovely senior phone Ailyfu F520 on marketing
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      Ailyfu F520 is a new senior phone from Shenzhen Ailyfu Cloud-health Technology Co.,Ltd recently.Ailyfu is devoting to the elderly career since 2004. This new brand got a great market share to be the first choice of gift for the elderly because of high quality and best price after tens of years of development and experience.

      Ailyfu F520 is upgrade version of Ailyfu A520 which released in July of 2016.Ailyfu F520 keeps on simple and practical guideline before Nov. 11 hot season.Furthermore,its comfortable handle and fashion design grasp at the elderly and they like to use it easy.

      Let me introduce its features before you own this new Ailyfu F520.

      Senior phone also brings users good feeling.

      This phone takes big cameo keypads and remains suitable space,to avoid common keypad slow feedback, spring-up or block.The design takes care of user’s feeling.

      This phone also has FM radio key,volume key,torch key,1-key unlock key.Common cell phones arrange these keys unclearly or out of use without user manual. The elderly can use the cell phone easy without manual because this cell phone designed such functional keys on two sides of the middle part and be of clear icon.

      Craftsman spirit: take care of vision and listenning

      Big letters

      When people get old some have presbyopia so common small letters are unclear for them.Ailyfu F520 makes big letters for the elderly to read.

      Loud voice

      Built-in loud speaker with high quality stereo voice,no electric currency,no echo,no broken.Box speaker with perfect microphone for agreeable audio effect.

      Big keypads

      Ailyfu F520 designed character keypads.It brings good touch feeling and suitable size for each cameo keypads.

      Colorful housings and light senior phones

      Distributing all efforts for this Ailyfu F520,it is good performance.Shape design,keypads layout meet with the elderly habits closely according with their physiology and psychology.

      Welcome to order wholesale.Please contact us.

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