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    Our culture
    • Our culture core--creation

      Idea creation is leader.

      Stratigy creation is direction.

      Technology creation is method.

      Market creation is target.

      Organization creation is protection.

      Human resource--use one's capability and use goods completely

      Human resource is our basic advantage in competition.

      Not the best but the most suitable.

      Develope each potential unlimited and the most capable one takes his position.

      Our spirit--Love job and country,in pursuit of perfect.

      Perfect technology.

      Perfect products.

      Perfect quality.

      Perfect service.

      Our product standard,not normal but your desire and satisfaction.

      Company running ideas,quality is our life and honor is our soul.

      Our operating guideline,honesty is first

      Our developing ideas,creation and improvement.

      Our strategic ideas,from now to future,do practically and get breakthrough.