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    • · Shenzhen Ailyfu Cloud-health Technology Co.,Ltd.
      · Add: Room 1108,Global Logistic Center,Pinghu,Longgang,Shenzhen
      · Hotline: 4008898516
    Corporate history

    • 2004,Found company in university,involved mobile phones,cosmetics,advertisements;

      2007,Engaged in famous mobile phone company,channeled to GOME,SUNING,then went e-commerce;

      2010,3 persons donated entity company,registed 100,000 RMB;

      2011,Headquarter in Beijing,dealing with Taobao,Tmall,Amazon;

      2013,Marketing scale 5 times of found time;

      2014,Headquarter moved into Shenzhen,own products annual sale over 1 million units;

      2015,Own brand registed successfully and own factory run;

      2016,Ailyfu brand officially run and Jingdong online shops begun to market. 2nd factory begun to mass production.