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    • 48.8 billion people watch video on mobile devices in 2016
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      Recently CIAVC reported 48.8 billion people watch video on mobile phones till end of 2016 as yearly statistics.They mainly like online video,online music,online novels.

      Dec. 7,2016 the 4thCIAVC annual meeting was held in Chengdu,Sichuan.It issued “Report of 2016 China Network Audio Visual Development”.It disclosed different audio visual people in different groups .based on expert data.

      Net video users reached up to 51.4 billions. Mobile phone became the first device of all

      At least 51.4 billion people watched various video programs of either self-make short video or hot online play in 2016.End users rate comes up to 72.4%,10 million people added compared to 2015.Mobile phones are users first choice to watch network of audio visual programs.

      94.9% of all people(almost 48.8 billion)like to watch online video programs by mobile phones from other mobile devices,18.2% increasing from 2015. Secondly,PC takes 54.1%. 47.5% users watch online video programs by smart TV,double of 2015.Share,smart,remote control meet modern home entertainment.Notebook,Tablet PC,TV box using rate is over 30%.Different devices are suitable of different demands of people in different situations.End devices becomes various.

      What is users favorite?Movies,TV series,variety shows

      According to this investigation,online users favorite programs are movies,TV series,variety shows,news.

      Questionnaire convey shows 81.1% online video watchers often like online movies;72.6% of people mainly watch homeland TV series as the most popular and repeatable programs;Video website made many programs by themself,so variety shows become the main programs of theirs and special character.68.5% of users often watch such shows;News are the traditional media advantage.Online media is much easy fast and convenient since traditional and modern media quickly join together.61.8% users watch news online.

      Pay programs are normal.Young men are main consumers.

      Pay programs began from 2010,main are online pay and member,including Hollywood movies and some native new movies.

      CIAVC report shows 35.5% online video users paid for programs,18.5% increased to be the fastest these years.Of them 59% are male,more than female.

      Back to age,yonger than 39 are 90.7%,of 44.2% are 20-29 like to pay for online programs.For income,54.6% of pay member have US$600-800 per month.

      Why do they like to pay for video programs? Contents are the first reason to pay for it.83.8% of users like to pay for those contents”expected content”,69% of them for “more videos to choose”. Low price of US$2-5 each month is favorable so many users like to pay for it.

      Mobile phone video will be online video direction of developing in future.This will draw down to traditional paper media or TV programs.A cruel “fight”to gain clients will be!

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